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Admission and enrollment
Admission and enrollment
The university receives applications submitted by students and provides them with comprehensive information. The Admission and Registration Committee selects the academically qualified candidates to join the examination of the academic records of the submitted applications. They are informed of the results of acceptance or rejection.

Admission and registration requirements
Students are granted the right to join the university regardless of their origin, color, gender, disability or religion to enjoy all the rights, benefits and programs offered by the university. Students who wish to enroll in undergraduate programs must have successfully completed high school and hold an accredited certificate with the required percentage in order to enter their chosen program.

    Admission and registration requirements

1. Obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent.
2. That the student's GPA qualifies him to join the appropriate college for him.
3. To apply for registration during the announced admission and registration period.
4. Fill out the application for admission to the college and submit the required documents
2. Undertaking to abide by the university's rules and regulations during study.
4. Pass the entrance exam in some specializations that require that.
5. A student transferred from another university may not be accepted if it is proven that he was dismissed from that university for ethical reasons.
6. New students and transfers from other universities must be registered within a period not exceeding the third week from the start of the semester.
7. Students who are finally accepted pay the prescribed registration fees and take a document to that effect.

    The required documents

The student wishing to join the university submits a file containing the following documents:
1. The original high school application form, certified by the competent authorities, along with a true copy.
2. The original high school certificate issued from outside the Republic of Yemen + a true copy certified by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the issuing country in addition to our country’s embassy in the country from which the certificate was issued and certified by the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a and its equivalency in the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Yemen .
3. A copy of the identity card for Yemeni students and the passport for Arab and foreign students.
4. Documents issued in a language other than the Arabic language are translated in an accredited translation office and certified by the official authorities (the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the country from which the document was issued, the Yemeni Foreign Ministry and Higher Education).
5. International students hand over the passport with a valid residence permit to the university to keep it and give him a university card to identify it.
6. Students transferring from Yemeni universities to the Emirates International University must bring a certified transcript from the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education in addition to providing the above.
7. Four personal photos measuring 2 x 3 cm and four personal photos measuring 4 x 6 cm.
English is the language of instruction during the academic program in the medical, engineering, and business disciplines. Skill in oral and written English is a decisive factor in determining the success of students at the university, and Arabic is the language of instruction in the programs and disciplines of law, business administration, and media.
3.3.4 Enrollment for students transferred from other universities
A student transferred from another academic institution wishing to join the Emirates International University must submit an official transcript certified by the competent authorities. Student admission will be based on the following criteria:

1. A certified copy of the high school certificate or its equivalent from the competent authorities.
2. The student is not under academic probation or has been expelled from the institution he is transferring from. The student is expected to provide a clear record in respect of this matter. Emirates International University does not necessarily consider the GPA as this depends on the university or academic institution from which the student is transferred.
3. The student must be registered in one of the accredited higher education institutions that provide educational experience similar to and equivalent to the Emirates International University.
4. That the student fulfills the minimum requirements for admission to the Emirates International University before joining the institution from which he is transferred,
6. The student is granted credit hours for courses that have obtained a grade of (C) at least.
7. The number of credit hours for transferred courses is equal to those offered by the university.
8. The description of the transferred courses must be identical to the courses offered at the university.
9. The maximum number of credit hours that may be equalized and transferred from another recognized university, within the framework of the student's study plan, is (50%) of the total required hours.

Decisions related to the acceptance of credit hours are issued by the head of the relevant department at the Emirates International University. Courses that were studied more than eight years ago cannot be transferred before entering the Emirates International University. Furthermore, upon graduation, the course duration cannot in any case exceed eight years if it is considered as part of the degree requirements. In addition, the number of hours transferred from other universities or colleges should not exceed (50%).