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About the university

About the university Emirates International University EIU

It is a leading modern and advanced educational institution in terms of academic programs and curricula in accordance with the highest international educational standards and practices. It was established under a license from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Yemen by Ministerial Resolution No. (416) for the year 2014 AD as a non-profit Emirati investment project that aims to support human development efforts in Yemen and embodies the depth of cooperation and brotherhood relations between the two brotherly peoples. The university seeks to provide a rich and high-quality educational environment and experience for students in the Republic of Yemen and the region and offers various programs by employing the latest tools and methodologies of higher education for its aspiring students to obtain distinguished educational opportunities. In order to prepare students to meet the challenges of academic education and later the challenges of the labor market, the university is keen to choose the majors that develop mental abilities, encourage analytical and critical thinking, and effective communication, and those that enhance specialized knowledge and skills that help achieve effective performance in various professional contexts. In addition to its role in professional preparation, the university also seeks to provide society and the labor market with individuals who depend on continuous self-learning in their lives. This can only be achieved by promoting education through specialized university academic programmes. The Emirates International University in Yemen is an independent academic institution with academic development and research goals that offers equal and equal opportunities to all its students and is recognized in Yemen, the Gulf and most countries of the world, and all of its programs are accredited by the Supreme Council of Higher Education.

University website The Emirates International University is located in a lively and quiet area in the heart of the capital, Sana'a, in the Haddah Beirut Street area.