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Pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy pl

The laboratories and laboratories of the Department of Human Medicine and Surgery and the Department of Medical Laboratories are equipped with the latest devices, tools and equipment that enable students to conduct various experiments. They are provided with the opportunity to deal with devices and experiments that simulate physiological processes in the human body and how to monitor, measure and document them, and train them on scientific methods for using the microscope and its use in identifying different sections of tissues in the human body as well as training for materials related to physiology and their use by measuring functions Respirator, ECG, blood pressure measurement, muscle contraction examination, and chemical tests for the human body. Basic science laboratories that are equipped with the latest devices such as microscopes and sterilization devices focus so that the student learns the basic principles of diagnosing infectious diseases.

While the Immunology Laboratory contains the latest tools and devices necessary to perform various serological applications, it includes immunoassays, devices for measuring color absorption, sterilization unit, and tissue culture unit, in addition to centrifuges, an integrated electrical separation device for analyzing blood components, a tubular electrophoresis device, mechanical shaking devices, automatic water baths and incubators. Ovens sterilize.

The general anatomy lab (which is the latest and largest at the level of private universities in Yemen) provides an accurate three-dimensional anatomical detail of the human body with the possibility of simulating the smallest details and entering the folds of the organs. It is equipped with preserved cadavers, treated anatomical parts and detailed plastic parts for different body parts that are used to teach students practical anatomy materials.