Emirates International University



Why Emirates International University

Why Emirates International University?
1. It is the first university in Yemen to implement the smart electronic classroom system.
2. All academic programs are designed to meet the needs of the local and international labor market in general, and the Gulf countries in particular, with a focus on practical application and field training.
3. The university has laboratories and laboratories equipped with the latest technology produced by the age and modern and advanced educational means, which are considered the first of their kind in Yemen.
4. University certificates approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
5. The university has a wide network of relations with institutions of the public and private sectors and companies employing graduates in Yemen and the Gulf, and provides assistance to its students to get the best jobs after graduation.
6. The university is distinguished by providing quality and advanced education at reasonable costs and expenses. It offers scholarships for the distinguished and distinguished, and suitable discounts for those who excel and those with limited income.
7. It embraces a distinguished elite of full-time faculty members who have the highest qualifications from the most prestigious Arab and foreign universities and have advanced skills in the use of modern technologies in teaching and learning.
8. The student is the main axis in the educational process, and he is provided with all new in his field of specialization through various means aimed at building his cognitive personality capable of creativity and innovation while linking theoretical knowledge with the reality of work.
9. The language of instruction at the university is English, with the aim of preparing graduates who are able to compete regionally and globally, while teaching some specializations in Arabic.
10. The university is committed to continuous improvement and development of the quality of its programs and services to its students and affiliates in order to ensure the quality of its outputs.
11. It is the only private university in Yemen that abolished the large lecture halls system and provided halls with a capacity of no more than 40 students in order to achieve effective participation between faculty and students.
12. The university library includes the largest collection of scientific books and research references containing more than 20 thousand academic resources in both English and Arabic, and is the first library in terms of contents, space and equipment at the level of private universities in Yemen.