Emirates International University



We warmly welcome you to the Emirates International University, which was established as a private academic institution, seeking to provide a rich and high-quality educational environment and experience for students in the Republic of Yemen and the region.

We are pleased for your visit to the university's website, through which you are introduced to this prestigious educational institution, which offers quality and advanced programs and employs the latest tools and methodologies of higher education for its aspiring students to obtain distinguished educational opportunities.

Emirates International University operates as an academic institution with multiple goals and functions, and seeks to provide many educational opportunities for students according to their needs, backgrounds and interests. The university offers a variety of academic programs that contribute to developing the capabilities of learners to be educated and skilled individuals who are able to assume their responsibilities in contributing to building their societies in a positive and constructive manner. The programs offered by the university include precise specializations that give them knowledge and functional skills on the one hand, and general culture on the other. The courses, in conjunction with the practical training programs, prepare the graduate students to be professionals in their work, enjoy the spirit of cooperation and innovation, and are able to assume leadership tasks in their institutions and fields of work.

When formulating its educational system, the university was committed to international standards, and when designing academic programs, it was keen that the vocabulary of the courses and methods of teaching and learning harmonize with the best practices in Arab and international universities and respond to the needs of Yemeni society and the Arab community in general.. And when you join the Emirates International University, you will realize that you have joined a scientific institution Giant and distinguished in the field of education. In order to achieve this goal, you must make an effort to excel in your pursuit of knowledge, because you will only achieve your ambition when you give your best.

While we are confident that your ambitions will not stop at any limits, we put in your hands everything that you can benefit from the capabilities offered by the university to serve you, including carefully-equipped facilities, modern and advanced scientific and training laboratories and laboratories, as well as electronic classrooms, as well as distinguished professors, and all of that In order to be a support for you on your way to Al-Ula and reach the desired goals.

May God bless you and direct your steps on the paths of success.

President of the Emirates International University