About the college

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences was established at Emirates International University pursuant to  the decree  of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (416) of 2014. The college includes the following academic programs :             • Human Medicine  • Doctor of Pharmacy - Pharm – D  • Medical Laboratories .                   The College of Medicine and Health Sciences is one of the university’s largest colleges and an  edifice of knowledge. Since it was founded,  this college has contributed to preparing and graduating qualified doctors (physicians)  to work and actively contribute to the success of medical work in the various medical sectors, the most important of which are hospitals  by providing  the best health services.  The College of Medicine and Health Sciences includes the best medical staff, most of whom are national cadres. The college has laboratories and halls equipped with the best  potentialities  to help them develop  students’ knowledge and skills. It also implements field and clinical training in the programs offered in hospitals to link what students study   theoretically with the practice in the medical labor market sector .