The Department of Clinical Pharmacy is a subspecialty within the field of pharmacy that focuses on employing pharmaceutical knowledge to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. The clinical pharmacist is concerned with assessing the patient's health condition, providing appropriate drug care, and monitoring the patient's response to treatment. Clinical pharmacist duties include reviewing and evaluating physician prescriptions, providing medication counseling to patients and health care teams, monitoring medication side effects, and optimizing medication use including dosages and drug interactions. The success of the Clinical Pharmacy Department depends on direct collaboration with other healthcare teams such as doctors, nurses and healthcare providers. This collaboration aims to ensure optimal health outcomes for patients by reducing errors in medication prescriptions, enhancing treatment compliance and smooth communication among all members of the healthcare team. It is also important for the clinical pharmacist to be an effective communicator and good listener to ensure patients' challenges are understood



The department seeks to prepare scientifically and professionally qualified pharmacist staff to contribute to improving health care, community service, and developing the profession by providing academic programs for pharmaceutical education and scientific research.


1 Preparing specialized graduates in the field of clinical pharmaceutical sciences, well qualified at the academic and professional levels to work efficiently in the field of therapeutic health care.
2 Providing students with basic concepts and skills for research and developing their initiative and ability to conduct independent research related to society
3 Developing a partnership with the public and private sectors by conducting studies and providing consultations in the field of clinical pharmacy.
4 Providing students with self-learning skills and the use of information technology and scientific research to keep pace with developments in the specialty


Excellence in pharmaceutical education at the local and regional levels.