The department seeks to prepare scientifically and professionally qualified pharmaceutical cadres to contribute to improving health care and community service and developing the profession, by providing quality academic programs in pharmaceutical education and scientific research.


Objectives of the Department :

1.Prepare graduates specialized in the field of clinical pharmacy sciences, who are well-qualified academically and professionally to work efficiently in the field of curative health care

2. Providing students with basic concepts and skills for research, developing their initiative and their ability to conduct independent research related to society

3. Developing a partnership with the public and private sectors by conducting studies and providing consultations in the field of clinical pharmacy.

4. Providing students with self-learning skills and using information technology and scientific research to keep up with the developments of the specialization.


Excellent  in pharmaceutical education locally and regionally


Department Values:-. Continuing education, quality, working with one team spirit, and effective partnership.

Department head’s speech

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy is one of the most important departments in the field of health care, as it plays a vital role in improving the quality of health care and achieving the best results for patients. Clinical pharmacy teams work to achieve effectiveness and safety in the use of medications, and provide personalized pharmaceutical care to patients. They also play an important role in monitoring side effects of medications and improving the use of medications in general. The Clinical Pharmacy Department is pivotal in ensuring continuous improvement of healthcare and is built on close collaboration between different healthcare teams such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists. This collaboration contributes to achieving better health outcomes for patients by ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the use of medications and improving their overall treatment experience. Given this great importance, I am committed to strengthening the role of the Clinical Pharmacy Department and achieving the best standards in pharmaceutical care and effective cooperation with members of the medical team and various health care departments. We are confident that the Clinical Pharmacy Department will remain at the forefront of improving health care and achieving the best outcomes for patients.