College strategy

strategic goals

The first direction: strengthening the college’s governance and management systems
The second direction: completing the college’s infrastructure and organizing its own resources to achieve its goals.
Third direction: Improving the quality of academic programs in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation.
Fourth trend: Developing and investing in human resources on a professional basis.
Fifth direction: Developing a university environment that supports teaching and learning.
Sixth direction: Building scientific research capabilities and linking it to society’s needs and comprehensive development goals.
Seventh direction: Building an effective partnership with corresponding institutions and relevant parties at the national and international levels


Excellence in medical education, scientific research, and community service locally and regionally.



 We will achieve excellence through the following values: (continuous education - credibility and honesty - quality and excellence - working as a team - respect for others - effective partnership).

the message

Preparing graduates capable of providing distinguished medical services at the local and regional levels through quality academic programs and an educational environment that stimulates creative thinking and research to address health problems and continuing education and consolidate the values of medical practice in an ethical and humane context.

Educational goals

Preparing and qualifying distinguished, specialized medical cadres with high competence in the medical field.
Providing students with diagnostic, problem-solving and decision-making skills to deal with common diseases and emergency situations.
Providing students with self-learning skills and using information technologies, evidence, and scientific research to keep pace with developments in the specialty.
Completing scientific research that is compatible with the needs and requirements of society in the health sector.
Contributing to raising the level of health awareness in society.
Promoting the ethical and professional values necessary to deal with patients and serve society.

Message from the Dean of the College

On my behalf and on behalf of all my colleagues, faculty members and all employees of the college, I am pleased to welcome you to the official page of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Emirates International University. The College of Medicine and Health Sciences was established at the Emirates International University in 2014, and since then the college has occupied a distinguished position among medical colleges in Yemen, as it works to provide high-quality medical education and encourage scientific research in the field of medicine. Despite its recent establishment, it enjoys exceptional growth and development. This is clearly evident through the launch of many different initiatives for training in all medical specialties. A group of specialized laboratories and equipment accompanying the educational process have also been developed, operating under the supervision of a distinguished elite of faculty members, and we expect further progress in the near future. The programs offered at our college are distinguished by their modernity and comprehensiveness, as they provide distinguished theoretical lectures and practical training at the hands of professors who are specialized and distinguished in their fields. We are also keen to provide opportunities for clinical guidance and practical training in the largest hospitals in the Republic of Yemen, which enables students to acquire the practical skills necessary for practice. We hope that you find what you are looking for on the college pages, and the college and all its staff are ready to answer any questions you have. In conclusion, we ask God Almighty to protect our country and our people from all harm, and God is the Grantor of success.   Dean of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences Mr. Dr. Saleh Musa Al Dhaheri