Preparing a physicianwho is professional with highly competitive Level either locally or regionally and creating a quality medical educational environment that contributes to graduate physicianwho are characterized by professional competence, health integrity and research ability to provide distinguished medical care that serves the community and contributes to solving its problems.


The Medicine Program objectives are:-

1-     Graduating physician with high clinical skills and a high degree of

responsibility  and leadership.

2-     Adopting non-traditional methods for developing practical and clinical skills and providing academic, health, material and social support to students

3-     Preparing graduates to study and practice the profession of medicine throughout their lives, with the ability to take the initiative to introduce new developments in the field of medicine and health care and to adapt to it.

4-     Preparing graduates to work in their professional careers through teamwork, effective communication and ethical behavior.

5-     Preparing graduates for pursuing post-graduate studies and demonstrating the importance of continuing education.. 

Department head’s speech